If you were hoping this was a different kind of blow-by-blow site, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. Although “the blow-by-blow” would also be a clever name for that sort of site, this blog is about boxing. And life. Mostly life, with a little boxing.

I am a scientist, a student, a runner, but in February of 2014, I accidentally ended up a boxer. I never expected to like boxing. I always skipped over boxing matches on TV, viewing them as brutish and violent. I even avoided movies about boxers, including the classics, like Rocky. The only reason I ever stepped into Redline Fight Sports was because my girlfriend convinced me to get a Groupon with her. She went to one class and never returned, and I got hooked, drawn to the technical skill required and the intense physical demands.

When I started training for my first fight, scheduled for October, I found I was learning as much about life as I was about boxing. I decided that I wanted to keep a record of all that I was learning. And just like that, the “the blow-by-blow” was born.

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